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Why Aesthetics Matter in Home Offices

November 20, 2022 by · Leave a Comment 

One of the first steps any budding remote employee should take is setting up a suitable office at home. The ideal home office should be clean, organized, and free from unnecessary distractions. Since a good home office hinges on a computer desk where you will be doing most of your work, it is important to find a desk that can accommodate all of your needs as a remote employee.

As founder of Perch, Lucy Lyle knows a thing or two about finding the perfect desk for your office. Lucy Lyle explains, “Aesthetics and practicality are both important when it comes to workspace design. There’s no denying that our environment can affect our moods, which in turn affects our productivity. Finding a desk that works efficiently, looks appealing, and makes you feel comfortable should be your priority when setting up your home office.”

These were the design tenets that influenced Perch’s signature mahogany desks. Perch received much acclaim for these innovative products, which were the only self-assembled desks made from hardwood at the time. As CEO of Perch, Lucy Lyle had an eye for sleek, beautiful office product designs because of her personal philosophy about beauty in the workplace.

She said, “You wouldn’t want to go to work every day in an office that’s dull and uninspiring. This is true even if you’re working from home. Since you have the freedom to change how your home office looks, you should have a space that reflects your personal identity.”

Studies have shown that having meaningful items in your office space that reflect who you are can improve your productivity. Coupled with good work habits, having a unique, aesthetically-pleasing home office can set you up for success as you continue to work from home as part of your daily routine.


Business Tips from 3 Self Made Billionaires

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Becoming a self-made billionaire does not happen overnight unless you have the correct numbers for the national lottery. It takes blood, sweat and tears. Working in different jobs and finding where you fit in life and business is half the battle to working your way up the ladder of success. The operative word is working. No matter if it is working to build, working to sustain or working to enjoy working is what gets you to the top. It is a good idea to enjoy your work because it is what you need to do to build, sustain and enjoy for a great part of your life.

Wesley Virgin is a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur and Internet personality. Wesley Virgin has some powerful YouTube videos that he uploads to help ordinary people follow his lead and become millionaires. Wesley Virgin has worked tirelessly to move up his ladder of success following his advice of being patient, persistent and persevering.

Wesley Virgin added “Be consistent. People get a bee in their bonnet and start on projects, then when the going gets tough, they throw in the towel. Most people are habitual quitters. You’ll start with a small following. Everyone does.”

Oprah Winfrey is the biggest talk show host ever and a very smart businesswoman. The statistics show that 80% of startups fold on their first try because they encounter a failure. Giving up because it is not working is not the answer. Oprah says, “Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.” Oprah has been known to discuss openly the trips she had along the road to success. She is living proof of how continuing toward her goal and learning from each challenge she encountered got her to the successful position that she now enjoys.

Larry Page, co-founder of Google, never gave up on his vision and desire to make Google a household name. He wanted to see this and every day he was excited to continue with this dream until he achieved it. Larry has said “If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things. You’re excited to get up in the morning.” He was excited because he was and has changed the world.

5 Tips on How to Increase your Business Profits

January 2, 2022 by · Leave a Comment 

Today’s multifaceted organizations require more than just talented people and sound programs. They require highly skilled professionals with the training to assimilate themselves into your organization immediately and perform complex tasks such as process engineering, business analysis and management protocols.

Below Javier Loya, CEO of OTC Global Holdings offers 5 great tips to increase your business profits. OTC Global Holdings is a prosperous company located in Houston, Texas.

Develop solid training programs for new staff members.

Evaluate corporate strategies from time to time to see if they’re still on point.

Facilitate meetings each week for every group or department.

Business and Project Plan Development is crucial. You must know where your company is going.

Try thinking outside the box each day and in every way. Look for new exciting opportunities.

Successful project teams rely on a variety of dynamics to achieve their desired results. Ensure that your organization utilizes a proven method of coordinating these strategies for ultimate implementation and smooth teamwork. With a focus on delivering excellence on each project, you’ll be able to manage scope, schedule, and resources using a comprehensive methodology that is both simple and effective.

Javier Loya’s company OTC Global Holdings is a great example of a successful organization. He has been effective in a wide range of professional venues. He expects the best out of himself and those around him.

Javier Loya is the founder and owner of Choice Energy Management and the Co-CEO of OTC Global Holdings (OTCGH). In addition, he is a minority owner of the NFL’s Houston Texans franchise and proudly serves on the National Football League’s Diversity Committee.

Tips for Launching Your First Company

December 20, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

If you are a first-time entrepreneur, there are a few things you can do that will drastically increase your chances of success. These tips may not be an infallible formula for a successful company, but they will give you the extra push towards achieving your goals.

If you plan to fund your business through venture capital funding or crowdfunding, set realistic funding goals that your investors or backers will find reasonable. If you plan to bootstrap your company with your own funds, make sure you have enough money in your savings account before starting your business.

Ryan Pitylak, CMO and co-founder of ZenBusiness, says, “I have seen many new entrepreneurs go into business with little to no savings. This is risky because it forces them to risk their livelihoods or go into debt to finance their companies. It results in a lot of unnecessary stress.”

Another helpful tip is to invest in a good digital marketing campaign. Many new businesses have found success by using the Internet, SEO, and strategic content creation to drive traffic to their online stores.

Lastly, be sure you have expert help and knowledge on your side. Find a trustworthy and knowledgeable mentor to help you formulate a long-term business plan that consistently yields new customers and sales.

Ryan Pitylak’s business ZenBusiness provides expert guidance and mentorship to new entrepreneurs through its all-in-one platform that also offers helpful tools such as FinTech solutions. Ryan Pitylak says, “With the wealth of information in books, podcasts, and Google searches, it can be easy for new entrepreneurs to lose their way. Having an experienced mentor guiding you through the process eliminates much of the confusion.”

Secrets of the Self-Made Millionaire

December 11, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

Do successful entrepreneurs have some habits in common? Yes, they do, and this is such interesting study once you get all the information. Self-made millionaires were interviewed for a popular book and they had quite a bit to say about how they got to be millionaires. This is a topic of great interest to author of Create Abundance, Zhang Xinyue.

The first thing that self-made millionaires revealed is about how they began their journey. Over half say that they started out by developing side hustles where they worked an additional ten hours each week. For some, it was real estate investing and for others it was writing songs or novels. These millionaires took things that they were passionate about and earned enough extra money each week that they could reinvest it in something else.

As they years rolled by, most of them continued doing this, developing other side hustles. They were careful to invest wisely and did not take unnecessary financial risks. In most cases, it took up to thirty years for these self-made millionaires to achieve that status. They didn’t invest in get rich quick schemes. Instead, they invested in solid areas where they were comfortable.

In their personal lives, millionaires are typically confident and certain of themselves. They know they have the skills it takes to succeed. They have overcome doubts and fears and silenced those voices of negativity.

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue has this to say:

“Heaven makes the arrangement for us to become acquainted not to test each other, but to allow us to do what touches each other’s heart. Love exists in what we do to touch each other’s heart.”


Five Ways to Create Abundance in Your Business

October 4, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

In the business world, your people are your biggest asset and yet they can become a great thorn in your side as well. Managing employees is something that not everyone is good at. However, excellent talent management can transform your business operations. Each department in your company can begin to thrive.

International leader, Zhang Xinyue, has written a book called Create Abundance that helps individuals and businesses become more productive. Xinyue is a teacher, mentor, and spiritual leader with a global mindset when it comes to business operations.

In her book, Create Abundance, Zhang Xinyue says this:

“Abundance is an experience you undergo at the bottom of your heart, and a process in which you make a daily request to the cosmos and receive her compassion and influence. Originating from the wellspring of your soul, it is also the personal dignity every human life was born with.”

Her writings are profound and have helped many business leaders to tackle their everyday problems in a different light. Below are a few great suggestions for business owners.

Create proactive teams that combine innovative vision, expertise, and skills

Allow your employees to shine.

Give your clients meaningful, progressive assistance

Take a fresh, new approach to marketing

Try to improve cash flow and productivity, while revitalizing your company’s structure.

Zhang Xinyue helps business owners around the world who are experiencing problems. She takes an imaginative methodology to creating abundance in her personal and business life.

How to complain about a service provider and get results

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Getting the service you expected as a customer is important as it means you have spent your money wisely. However, when expectations are not met, complaining can be one of the only ways to get compensated. Here are some strategies that can help when complaining to a service provider.

Get your facts in order – Keep all relevant bills, letters, warranties, and records of all communication before contacting a service provider.

Read the company’s policies and procedures – Reading the company’s complaint procedure will help to understand its complaint process.

Ring directly – Calling can be a quick way to contact a company, however, receiving a response can be difficult with larger companies as complaints are often outsourced.

Remain professional – Remaining polite will help a customer receive a better response as customer service representatives are more willing to assist a well-mannered customer.

Go higher – If the response is unsatisfactory look at escalating the issue to senior management. Often senior management contact details can be located on the company’s website.

Keep all details – Keep track of names, dates, and times as it can help to escalate the matter if a resolution is not reached.

Put it in writing – Placing a complaint in writing can help with complaints that involve a lot of detail. Complaints will be noticed if they are posted publicly on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram or private review websites. Private review websites such as, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are all platforms that assist both customers and businesses to address their concerns.

Revdex is an online business directory that allows to report scam for a products and services.  Consumers can post a review for any business, even if there is not an existing profile. Businesses can create their own profiles and respond to reviews.

Visit the site to  file complaint about travel services,  report dating service issues,  or any other such issues.

How to complain and receive better results

August 20, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

Not receiving what you paid for can be an uncomfortable feeling. If you have been compelled to complain, you may know that in some instances companies can be unfair and refuse compensation. It is important to note that complaining is an art as it requires patience and persistence from the customer in order receive due compensation.

Here are some strategies that can help customers complain and receive better results.

Complain to the retailer – If you purchased a product/ service in-store or online that does not meet its standards, consider visiting the store for a refund. Remember to read the company’s return policy before approaching the company.

Ask for a replacement – A repair or replacement option can rectify most customer issues. However, if you are completely dissatisfied with a purchase, request a refund.

Put it in writing – If the company’s customer service staff do not offer a resolution, it may be a good idea to put the complaint in writing. This can involve writing an email or posting publicly on social media or private customer review websites. Private customer review websites such as, Yelp, or TripAdvisor have been successful options for many customers who are looking for quick resolutions. Often public posts and reviews can force a company to act as it hurts a company’s reputation.

When making a complaint it is important to always use polite language as it can encourage the company to assist you over another disgruntled customer.

Revdex is a new online business directory. Consumers can post a review for any business, even if there is not an existing profile. Businesses can create their own profiles and respond to reviews. Revdex tries to provide a positive experience both for consumers and businesses.

Consumers can report internet scams or file complaint about health products.

Tips on Growing your Business

August 4, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

Achieving wealth will take a certain number of years of discipline and hard work. If you can stay with it and remain responsible, then you will be rewarded with a strong, financial future. The Global Spiritualist Association recommends this. Below are the top five tips to get you on the right road to achieving wealth:

The Plan-Start with a great plan. Ask yourself why, who, what, when and how. If there are other members in your household, then be sure to involve them as well. And put little milestones in place along your journey to give yourself rewards.

Know your direction-The uncertainty of getting to the destination creates apprehension and anxiety, so try to be as specific as you can about where you’re going. This can empower you.

Seek the right help from the right person-This would have to be one of the smallest things to do and yet one of the things that most people get wrong. We go to people whom we think have become very wealthy or perceive to be wealthy, only to find that they don’t know a thing. Their whole lifestyle is heavily mortgaged, and they can’t give you sound advice.

The Comfort Zone-Every day in some small way, we need to step outside our comfort zone. Take just little steps at first.

When small is best-By starting small, you will learn the process through time about how to achieve wealth and more importantly to maintain wealth. And funny enough, you learn through making mistakes. Small does grow into big. So just enjoy the journey!

Join Us

The Global Spiritualist Association, founded by Zhang Xinyue provides good resources that can help business leaders build a stronger business. They are available to teach, mentor and assist. For more information about this organization, please visit their website.


Ways of Creating Abundance in Business

July 4, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

Below is a quote from Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue:

Growth is neither what you can wait to attain in a deep valley as a hermit. Nor what you can find on the other pure land after you die.

Sometimes we all face challenges that seem insurmountable. Perhaps you’re in that place right now where you are faced with some unpleasant, but very necessary cutbacks. You’ve thought it over, met with all your people and the bottom line is that your business’s weekly expenses must be cut by 10, 20 or even 30 per cent. You may be searching for ways to create abundance in your business.

Avoid Making the Obvious Cutbacks!

How can you accomplish this and keep your business running smoothly? You want to be able to serve your customers, but you’ve determined that you must decrease your overhead to remain solvent. As businesspeople, we often go for the “big” items such as salaries when looking for ways to cut back on our weekly expenses. Those are the obvious expenses where you can make a significant difference in your weekly overhead.

Very often, however, our people are our greatest resource. Before you even begin that first round of layoffs, why not go to your people and lay all your cards on the table. Explain to them as much as possible, exactly what you’re up against. Ask them for their suggestions concerning ways to eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Tightening our belts is not always fun. It can often be inconvenient and even uncomfortable for us. We are reluctant to search for ways to save because we believe that others may think us foolish or that we might give our customers the idea that our business is floundering. We want to keep that outer appearance that we’re doing well; we’re happy and prosperous; everything’s just fine here; no problems at all.

With many years as a well-known spiritualist leader and teacher in her field, Zhang Xinyue is known for a variety of achievements. Her creation of the Abundance system aims to promote a meaningful and straight forward approach to life’s philosophical issues. In 2012, she finished one of her best-selling books, Create Abundance. The book is a collection of quotes containing words of wisdom on how to develop body-mind-spirit cultivation.

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue was initially released in Chinese, but it is also available in English and other languages now. A second version of the book has also recently been released.


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