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How to complain about a service provider and get results

September 19, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

Getting the service you expected as a customer is important as it means you have spent your money wisely. However, when expectations are not met, complaining can be one of the only ways to get compensated. Here are some strategies that can help when complaining to a service provider.

Get your facts in order – Keep all relevant bills, letters, warranties, and records of all communication before contacting a service provider.

Read the company’s policies and procedures – Reading the company’s complaint procedure will help to understand its complaint process.

Ring directly – Calling can be a quick way to contact a company, however, receiving a response can be difficult with larger companies as complaints are often outsourced.

Remain professional – Remaining polite will help a customer receive a better response as customer service representatives are more willing to assist a well-mannered customer.

Go higher – If the response is unsatisfactory look at escalating the issue to senior management. Often senior management contact details can be located on the company’s website.

Keep all details – Keep track of names, dates, and times as it can help to escalate the matter if a resolution is not reached.

Put it in writing – Placing a complaint in writing can help with complaints that involve a lot of detail. Complaints will be noticed if they are posted publicly on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram or private review websites. Private review websites such as, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are all platforms that assist both customers and businesses to address their concerns.

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