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Secure credit card v Prepaid credit card

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They both appear to be the same as they both need funds to be deposited before they can be used. But there are many differences between the two and each will be suited to people with different needs. So what are the key differences between the two?

A secure credit card requires a deposit to be made as security . Your credit limit will be determined on the amount of the deposit with the limit usually being a little over the value of the deposit. You pay your bills after making the purchases as you would with a regular credit card. These report to the major credit bureaus, therefore if you are seeking to rebuild your credit history this is a good option.

If you are not disciplined you can exceed the credit limit and if unable to pay back on time, will adversely affect your credit score.

A prepaid credit card requires a deposit to be made and you can make purchases against that amount. This will prevent you from over spending since you are spending your own money, therefore reducing the risk of debt. But these do not report to the credit bureaus and thereby not suitable for building up your credit score.

Extended hours In the Stock Market

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With the economy not being the best, people worrying about jobs, and saving for retirement, stock trading is something that is attracting more people. While keeping in mind stock trading is a gamble, knowing what you are doing, and educating yourself is crucial. There are many types of stocks to purchase and because the stock market is complicated, knowledge is important. There are many sites available and finding someone you can trust can be a crapshoot.

Extended hours stock trading is another type of trading. Once only available for high profile players, extended hours stock trading is becoming popular to a wider range of investors. The regular hours for a traditional buyers and sellers were 9:30 am until 4:30 pm; however, the advent of extended hours has changed the way we buy and sell stocks. ECN’S have made it possible for anyone with a computer to trade stocks after hours. ECN is an acronym for “electronic communications network” and any company you work with must have this or have access to this service. It is important to know that some ECN’S have limits and the rules are different from traditional stock trading. You may also not be able to see quotes on other networks. These transactions may also be available only in the extended hours and may not transfer to regular hours. This may not be in every case and is something you should discuss with your broker. Stock trading is a risk, but one that can do well for your future investments.

Prepaid Debit Cards Are Great For College Students

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Have you received that telephone call yet from your college student who is four hours away, “Mom and Dad, can you send me some money?” It’s inevitable. One way to make sure that your child has money, but has a limit on the money you provide to them, is by getting prepaid debit cards for them. Generally these cards will be a MasterCard or Visa and issued by a particular company, such as the Green Dot card. With checks, your child has to find a bank that will cash the check. With credit cards, you run the risk of your child overspending. But with prepaid debit cards, you control the amount of money preloaded onto the card.

You can buy prepaid debit cards at thousands of retail stores like Walgreens, CVS, RadioShack and Wal-Mart. Unlike the usual debit cards that are linked to a bank account, these cards are preloaded with a specific amount of money. Each time your college student swipes the card, it deducts from the balance.

Prepaid debit cards like the ones you buy in retail stores aren’t reloadable, but you can get personalized cards with your child’s name on it, like the Green Dot card, and you can reload it in any denominations at any intervals that you desire. They are a great way to provide your college student with some spending cash without breaking the bank. It also is a way to teach them responsibility and budgeting if you tell them that you’re only going to load $50 onto the card each month and they have to make it last the whole month.

Information on Cards for Bad Credit

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When you have bad credit a lot of things in your life can get a little complicated. It will be much harder to be approved for a loan on a house which can be disappointing to someone who is trying to start a family. It will definitely be much harder to find credit card companies that will give you good deals as they see you as a very large risk. You will also find it a little bit difficult to get a new car because of your bad credit.

Don’t be too concerned – although undesirable there are plenty of options to get cards for bad credit. Your rates will be a little bit higher because the companies need insurance that, over the course of all the people that they give these types of cards to, they will make a profit. This is because a lot of people will declare bankruptcy and get out of what they owe. An unsecured credit card can be good for people looking to improve their credit.

So if you happen to find yourself in the market for a poor credit credit card then you should take a look around the internet. You will generally find better rates when you compare the different companies online than when you contact a particular company. With multiple offers to compare you know you are finding the best deal possible for your particular situation.