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Four Ways to protect a company’s online reputation

April 2, 2021 by · Leave a Comment 

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A company’s online reputation has become an essential part of its identity. If a company operates mostly online or if it relies on referrals, protecting its reputation is crucial for its survival. The steps below highlight how to manage a company’s reputation.

Check search engines – Companies should monitor what their customers view about them online since purchasing decisions rely on their online presence. 75% of customers will only look through the first page of a search result. Therefore, constantly checking search results about the company and industry, will help to monitor what is seen by the customer. Creating Google Alerts is a good way to know when the company’s name appears on a search engine.

Company profiles – When starting a company, claim profiles across the web and on social media. This is true even if certain platforms are not in use at present.

Create a policy – Create a policy that will detail the company’s brand goals, its actions to manage, and strategies to grow its reputation. The policy should also include steps on how to handle a company’s reputation when it is threatened by negative reviews or damaging publicity. For example, companies can create profiles on to read and respond to customer reviews. Hiring someone to monitor the company’s online presence including responding to reviews, managing content, and public relations will streamline and grow a company’s reputation.

Content – A company that has a weak online presence can have damaging results. Companies that are not known online, will often have lower sales, find it difficult to recruit quality staff, and face problems if their brand is threatened. Easily available content will help customers understand what the company is offering and help the customer make an informed decision.

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