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Is the information in your credit score accurate?

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Is the information in your credit score accurate? Chances are the answer to that question is different depending on whom you ask. Some estimate that three percent of credit reports have serious errors, while others estimate that 25 percent do. However, a new study may give consumers a clearer snapshot of the number of credit reports with serious errors. The New York Times reports that according to a recent study paid for by the Consumer Data Industry Association, there are potential errors in 19.2 percent of credit reports examined.

Despite the fact that consumer advocates were cynical of those results, consumers know that every point counts and they are willing to fight for it. The best way to confirm if you have an error (or more) on your credit report is to take a look. Consumers who want to receive their credit reports must do so from each of the big three credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. To speed up the process, we recommend Fast and easy, makes it possible for anyone to look online and get a free credit score. Along with access to all three credit scores, the website provides reports and monitoring and tips on how to safeguard one’s credit and identity.

The Makings of a Good Credit Score

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A credit score that has just recently been established will begin life at around the 600 mark. To make sure this figure does not drop, any late payments should be avoided at all costs. That 600 number can be increased to something better if you become a stickler for on-time payments and create a money-management pattern that, overall, diminishes the outstanding debt. You will make great inroads into the establishment of a good personal credit history.

Something to remember, when you have a credit card, is that using more than fifty percent of a credit card’s available limit will be taken as an indication of overextension. This is something you want to avoid. Other factors reflected in your credit score are the length of your credit history and the variety of the types of credit you have. Check online to get a free credit score and report. This is a key tool to use when charting the course of your financial future.

But first, to use the credit score and report most effectively, you will need to learn to read it. If you, like most people, began your credit history in college, a worthwhile and attainable goal for you would be to reach a credit score that’s above 700 before you graduate. Take charge of your money matters by keeping close watch on all your money transactions.

The Foreign Exchange Market

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Almost every country has its own currency. Whether it is the peso, rupee or the dollar, countries need currencies to give and receive money within their borders. In addition, as every currency trading broker knows very well, currency is also necessary to buy and receive money across international borders. This is accomplished through the foreign exchange market.

International business transactions rely on foreign exchange transactions or exchanges of one currency for another. Forex webtrader brokers, banks, and individuals are constantly in the business of trading in the forex market. This process includes purchasing one currency while selling another.

The global foreign exchange market is the world’s most traded market. It has experienced exponential growth over the years. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in 1998, global turnover of reporting dealers was estimated at about $11.49 trillion per day for the traditional products. To learn more about the foreign exchange market or to read the latest forex news, please visit

How to improve your credit score

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Many are seeing their credit scores plummeting due to the mounting debt they are facing. Restoring it could be difficult, but with proper focus and discipline you will be able to get there. A decent credit score is important for your future; it will affect your ability to get a mortgage, credit card and any other loan. Here is how you can rebuild your score:

Pay your bills on time. This is the most important thing. Late payments will be on your credit report for seven years. If possible pay before the due date. Making early payments will make the score go up.

Always pay more then the minimum amount payable. This way you prevent debt accumulating.

Avoid using more than 30 % of the credit limit allowed on your credit card. Have a few cards and keep the balance under 30%. Do not close accounts you do not use, do not use them but keep it open so that you have more available credit and also, having a long credit history will help your credit score.

Pay your rent on time, as rental payment history is now counted when calculating your credit score.

Three Questions to Ask When Selecting Forex Trading Software

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With a slew of Forex trading software available in the market today, it is often difficult to find software that matches your particular needs. Most experts will tell you that successful trading lies in the system that you use to invest with, and this is something that every beginners in the Forex market must keep in mind before selecting software, so that they can get started in a very complex market.

Making a comparison of all the brokers that offer their software in the market can be a good starting point, and in making this comparison, there are certain points that must be given more importance than others. Here are three questions to ask when you are picking software in order to Forex invest in the market:

#1: Does the application fit your specific needs?

Most software out there offer online Forex trading features, and so there might be very little for you to choose from. However, your skill with currency exchange can be the factor that decides which software you will pick in the end. If you aren’t able to navigate through the software easily, then making a profit at the Forex market will turn out to be more difficult. But here are three factors that you must absolutely look for when picking software: a system that explains Forex exchange and international trading simply, shows you how interest rates play an important role when added to the equation, and a clear understanding of local, national, and international economies. For one, this will enable you to understand the implications of certain financial moves that you will come across when you follow Forex news.

#2: Excellent Customer Support

Almost all of us have had to call customer support at some point in time or the other, and in having a robust support system in place for the software, customers can be helped if they get lost in the labyrinth at the beginning.

#3: Security

128 Bit SSL encryption is the standard for Forex software to keep it safe from hackers. Keep this in mind and you will protect your finances and personal information from being tampered with.

How to Get a Car Loan For Bad Credit

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Getting a car loan for bad credit can be especially frustrating. If you know that your credit score is below an acceptable level (below 600 points), you can be sure that applying for a loan might be a complete waste of everyone’s time.

Banks can disappoint you if you are unrealistic about your expectations as to the amount that they will finance you if you are looking for an auto loan bad credit. So being realistic is a good idea while also realizing that some car dealerships might not allow you to purchase a car with a zero deposit option or even stop your financing if they know you have bad credit.

What do you do, then?

One alternative is to seek out car dealerships that finance vehicles for people with bad credit. These dealerships work with lenders who aren’t traditional banks. They are known to be flexible with buyers when it comes to the down payment or will even drop the requirements so that it increases your chances of getting that new or used car that you need.

Documentation also plays a key role when it comes to obtaining a car loan (yes, this applies to even the instant approval credit card that you might have seen), and by being able to provide suitable documents that validate your residential address, as well as your current state of employment, you should increase your chances of getting a car loan.

It will also be a good idea to look at vehicles that fall within the limit that the lender can give you. It is also a good idea to be clear about the amount of down payment that you can make from the outset, so that the dealer and the lender can work things out for you. Also, remember to not get upset about the interest rates, as these will be high, and can be refinanced to lower rates after six to twelve months.

Finally, remember that realism is the key, and once you are able to bring your credit rate up again, you will be able to enjoy better rates, but until then, you have to make do with what you get.