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Debit Cards

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Your debit card provides electronic access to your checking account with your financial institution. This is a great alternative to pay for your purchases rather than writing a check or to get cash from your checking account without going to the bank. There are several types of these cards available for your selection. An alternative to debit card is an ATM card.

New Federal regulations related to debit cards went into effect in October 2011. The new regulations limit how much a financial institution such as your bank can charge for processing fees from a merchant. New fee limitation is 21 cents (previously 44 cents). As a result of Dodd-Frank Act, loss revenue due new limitations to financial institutions is estimated at $6.6 billion a year.

Many financial institutions attempted to recover some of the lost revenue through new fees charged to customers for using debit cards but back down due to consumer revolt. So, be aware of rules related to your card before using it. Certain financial institutions charge a fee to withdraw cash from a teller machine that is not affiliated with their system.

A loss of a card is protected subject to a $50 limit.

Insurance College Students May Need

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Insurance college students may need – Introduction

Please do not think that student health insurance is not worth your money.Most universities and colleges provide health care services to all their students. However, if you need a broad coverage, you have to get another type of health insurance. It is time to get this insurance if you have a child attending college. Foreign students need to get health insurance. Your child might be exposed to a lot of adventures. This is one of the reasons why you need to get student health insurance.

His/her life style is full of fast food and late night parties. This is a refugee for diseases and health disorders. If they want to get well, they will need to spend thousands of dollars in medical bills. All this expenditure will be on your shoulders if you do not get a student health insurance for your kid. The health insurance of the family might not cover all the health risks of your child while studing abroad. Your student health insurance will cover all the possible issues that your son or daughter might endure while in college. He/she can even choose the type of doctor that will check his/her health.

Insurance college students may need – Final words

They do not even have to wait in queues or take an appointment with a doctor. You need to research the health insurance market if you want to end up with the right student health insurance policy. Each health insurance firm has its own policies. Many of them offer discounts on prescription drugs, vision and dental care. Before using one of these services, you should read the conditions and terms of each policy. This type of research will take up time and money. The Internet will help you research the health insurance market without much hassle. A student health insurance might be a lifesaver for your child too.