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Why Aesthetics Matter in Home Offices

November 20, 2022 by · Leave a Comment 

One of the first steps any budding remote employee should take is setting up a suitable office at home. The ideal home office should be clean, organized, and free from unnecessary distractions. Since a good home office hinges on a computer desk where you will be doing most of your work, it is important to find a desk that can accommodate all of your needs as a remote employee.

As founder of Perch, Lucy Lyle knows a thing or two about finding the perfect desk for your office. Lucy Lyle explains, “Aesthetics and practicality are both important when it comes to workspace design. There’s no denying that our environment can affect our moods, which in turn affects our productivity. Finding a desk that works efficiently, looks appealing, and makes you feel comfortable should be your priority when setting up your home office.”

These were the design tenets that influenced Perch’s signature mahogany desks. Perch received much acclaim for these innovative products, which were the only self-assembled desks made from hardwood at the time. As CEO of Perch, Lucy Lyle had an eye for sleek, beautiful office product designs because of her personal philosophy about beauty in the workplace.

She said, “You wouldn’t want to go to work every day in an office that’s dull and uninspiring. This is true even if you’re working from home. Since you have the freedom to change how your home office looks, you should have a space that reflects your personal identity.”

Studies have shown that having meaningful items in your office space that reflect who you are can improve your productivity. Coupled with good work habits, having a unique, aesthetically-pleasing home office can set you up for success as you continue to work from home as part of your daily routine.