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A solution for European debt crisis

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At its peak in 2008, the Euro traded at $1.60. The slide of the Euro has resulted in trading the Euro closer to $1.22 today. Some analysts say that the Euro will fall to $1.18 soon. Some economists and financial gurus are expressing their opinions and indicate that the Euro’s parity with the Dollar will be a way out of its current economic crisis.

The European Central bank has the unlimited power to print Euros. So far it has bailed out Greece, Portugal, and Ireland. It is also working with Spain and Italy to bring down long-term interest rates. Spain’s 10-year bond is yielding 7 percent at the moment. How much it takes to bail out the entire Euro Zone is anybody’s guess.

The crisis in Euro Zone is pushing traditional manufacturing behemoths to look elsewhere. The Mercedes-Benz and BMW are already operating plants in the U.S. and the Airbus, the European consortium to rival Boing, just announced that it is establishing a new plant in the U.S. One option to stop the drain and get out of the current crisis is to force the Euro to be parity with the Dollar. This will help the entire world economy and markets too.

How an Individual Dental Insurance Plan Can Save You

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While looking for more details regarding dental coverageonline, base your search on finding a dental plan that will guarantee you cover over your regular check ups. This should include costs of X-ray, cleaning and even consultation fees. Failure to having the right insurance coverage might force you to occasionally miss out on a few sessions with your dentist which should not be the case. It is important that you see your dentist on regular basis for check ups and this is why there is a lot of emphasis on the need to find the most suitable dental insurance cover for yourself.


Individual dental insuranceis known to cover most of the charges related to dental care meaning that with the right cover you won’t ever have to miss out on any check up or consultation session with your dentist. There are various types of plans some of which are designed to cover most types of treatments you may be required to undergo.  Regardless of whether you need cavity filing treatment or crowns and extraction treatments then low cost dental plans are the best choice for you. This is because they will cover all of the expenses.


The best dental insurance coverageis therefore very important as it will save you from having to spend thousands of dollars for basic dental health care services. Don’t wait for your teeth to develop complications that when you start finding out more about dental insurance covers. For starters going online and visiting sites such as is one step towards securing the safety and health of your teeth.